Mary and I had an absolutely magnificent photoshoot with my old friend Samir Benson. Namely, in London, the umbrella’s home.

I have known Samir since our time in Benin Republic and we have not seen each other in 15 years! Samir has become a fashion photographer in London and has worked with Man RepellerBurberry London, Adele Dejak and Joshua Kane. Click here to find out more about Samir. The focus of our photoshoot was to lie on our umbrella Secret Garden, however Samir did a great job in capturing our friendship in a brilliant way. Well done 🙂

Ant that’s us:

We are as different as two friends could possibly be, visually and internally, and yet we are soulmates. Our opinions differ, but we share the same values.  One of us sees the glass half full, the other the glass half empty.  We can make each other laugh, but also cry.  We both live in our own world, but take each other’s hand and introduce each other to our worlds. We are hopeless dreamers and idealists.  If one of us is fearful, the other comes to save her.  We never give up and never let anyone tell us that we can’t do something.  Quite the contrary, this spurs our motivation even more!  We love humanity and traveling.  We are modern adventurers, inventors, entrepreneurs, and especially bon vivant.  Maybe we are a little awkward, but also infinitely determined and willing to take risks.  On some days, we have doubts in our idea, but on most days, we are convinced that we will one day be THE international umbrella label.  Creating our own company has been one of the best life decisions we made that has saved us from ourselves.

We would like to thank you for your attention and for your interest in our creations.  Because there is nothing more rewarding for us to know that we made somebody happy with our umbrellas.