Valentina of dailysuit meets Tragedy & Spectacle


It’s always something special when we get to see pictures of people wearing our Mary Sam’s umbrellas. When the lovely blogger Valentina from dailysuit recently showed us her pics with Tragedy & Spectacle, we got super excited! Valentina does not cease to inspire many people through her cool blog posts.  She has a great sense for fashion and simply looks amazing. We think that Tragedy & Spectacle is the perfect choice for her outfit.

We would like to hereby send our warmest thanks to her and love the fact that through Mary Sam’s, she is giving the umbrella a second chance. She told us that she used to dislike owning an umbrella.  Valentina describes in her post that firstly, she is way too optimistic to carry an umbrella, and secondly, most of them would either break too quickly or simply not be cool or fancy enough. We feel honored that we were able to convince Valentina that the umbrella can absolutely pass for a fashion accessory! Read her entire blog post here.

Our goal with Mary Sam’s is to offer you an accessory that cannot only be perfectly combined with your outfits, but also sweetens up your rainy days!