Dancing on the rail tracks

Regenschirm 1

Do you believe that the rail tracks of your life have been laid since your birth or do you believe that you can set the course yourself?  However you may answer this question, the most important thing is that your tracks lead to happiness.  We may not always understand why our train is traveling through a certain landscape.  A landscape in which you may not want to be right now or never wanted to cross.  Sometimes, that’s just the way it is.  Yet, in many instances, we only start to understand much later, thousands of kilometers later, why we had to travel through a certain landscape…

Enjoy your train ride, however bumpy it may be, because the landscapes and the passengers who get on and off change constantly. 🙂

In today’s photoshoot, we decided to showcase our cute umbrella Sub Rosa ! It can be beautifully combined with this relaxed and trendy jeans-shirt outfit. Stripes are very fashionable right now.  Marynia wears a white shirt with red stripes from Zara  and her matching Tigha leather jacket.  A black pair of jeans and booties add personality and uniqueness to her outfit.