Tragedy & Spectacle

„Sometimes when something outdated becomes fashionable again, we realize how charming our great-grandmothers and fathers must have been. “ Sigmund Graff

Tragedy & Spectacle

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This exclusive umbrella "Tragedy & Spectacle" embodies classic elegance finished by a touch of vintage glam.

The special distribution of the surface design segments of "Tragedy & Spectacle", gives this exceptional umbrella a stunning appeal.

Whether you decide for “Tragedy & Spectacle” to be a companion for a business casual outfit or for a date night, this umbrella will always impress as the most extravagant and individual fashion accessory.

This umbrella has a very strong, lightweight, and flexible fiberglass frame, which allows for a very resistent interior. In the rare case, that the framework inverts due to strong elements, the umbrella will not be damaged, but simply jump back into its original shape. The opening is automatic and the beautiful wooden handle is made out of Japanese oak, which gives it an authentic and natural feel.

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  • Canopy: silk polyester, waterproof
  • Diameter: 103 cm / 40,5 inches
  • Interior: fiberglass, windproof, strong
  • Length: 88 cm / 34,6 inches
  • Automatic opening
  • Handle: Japanese oak carrying the Mary Sam’s logo
  • Weight: 470 g / 1 pound

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Joie de pluie

The young queen lived by her husband’s side in a golden cage.  Although they shared a chamber, love between them did not exist. A union of certain royal interests was their fate.  The tragedy, so the story goes, held on for seven long years.  Until one day, the annual season opening ball in the palace of the royal family had been announced.  All royal and noble ranks were present.

Indeed, a long journey he ventured.  Count Joie de Pluie was his name.  His exact origin, however, was not known.  In the pompous ballroom, decorated with magnificent chandeliers, the noble society now danced to the wonderful sounds of the violin. When their eyes met for the first time it happened—the spectacle had begun.