Peeps from the neighborhood


One of our most important goals at Mary Sam’s is to have fun and we want nothing more than to make our customers happy.  We understand that sometimes long lasting rainy weather can kill your mood.  For this reason, we have created Mary Sam’s umbrellas for you.  Whether male or female, our umbrellas are meant to put a smile on your face and push you to resist the rain drops and rock your outfit in every rainy shower.  Because we know that you all are awesome!  (This was not meant ironically! We are serious!)

Aside from carrying cool and stylish Mary Sam’s umbrellas with you, good company also makes you happy.  Did you know that scientists found out that the key to happiness is neither money, nor status, but the strength of the social relationships that one human-being has with another?  Yep – it’s not the Ferrari or the doctor’s title that will make you happy, but the contact to your friends and family (and a Mary Sam’s umbrella of course;)).  So, don’t forget to give your loved ones a big hug.

In this photoshoot, we have decided to get back to the people that make us smile, and give them a matching umbrella.  Et voilà! The result is phenomenal, don’t you think?  Great fun and a level of happiness have been reached! DANKE!!!