Love is…


It is with a lot of sadness and dismay that the world has been reporting about the terrible event in Orlando over the past days by expressing disbelief and anger. Over and over again, we are witnessing massacres of this kind in the United States and over and again are all attempts to change gun laws being stopped and put on hold, until the next tragedy happens. It is a seemingly endless spiral, which we can only watch with a sad look on our faces.

Mary and I are profoundly shocked, since it is very hard for us to imagine how one can develop so much hate against other human beings, just because they are sharing their love with a person of the same gender. We are located at the exact opposite of the spectrum of thought. We think it is beautiful, when in a world like ours, where sadly a lot of negative things happen on a daily basis, people love each other.

Shouldn’t we be celebrating when two people find each other?  It is almost magical to observe how love is being kindled, being shy and fragile at first, but steadily growing into something much stronger. Those amazing moments in the beginning of each love story, when you feel butterflies in your stomach, each time you see the other person. And if these two people that love each other are two men or two women is completely subsidiary and irrelevant. What we should focus more on and what we should be telling our children, but also our parents and grand-parents, is to watch the beauty of love between two human beings, whether hetero, homo, bi, or transgender. Let’s not focus on who loves who, instead let’s celebrate love for all!

We want to thank the talented photographer Axel Wascher for this amazing photo shooting and for his ability to see love from the right angle and catching it so beautifully. We also want to thank our models: Verena Duhr and Katharina for their great talent!