It’s raining cats and dogs


We all had that happen.  The week is slowly (oftentimes way too slowly for our taste) coming to an end, we are mentally starting to check out of work and easing into the weekend mode. We are excited about going out, meeting with friends and family, do some shopping, running those errands we have been wanting to do all week.  And then it happens.  It starts to rain. And I am not talking about that quick shower, I mean that hour long “rain-drizzle-rain-thunderstorm-and more rain” kind of day.  All of a sudden, that happy smiley weekend mood you were looking so much forward to disappears and you are disappointed…

That is exactly what happened in the DC area last weekend.  It was raining cats and dogs for two straight days.  I started asking myself: why do we resent rain so much? Why is it that our mood becomes so sour over rain? Because let’s be honest, is it really THAT bad? Of course, we are the Mary Sam’s umbrella blog, so the answer you will hear is “No, of course not!”.  And I won’t lie, the whole reason I am writing this story is to make you love the umbrella even more 🙂 , but let’s not get off track here.  A rainy weekend is really not that dreadful.  Can you still go out meet with your friends, go shopping, run your errands?  If you take a lovely umbrella, of course you can!  And that’s exactly what we did, we took a long walk in the forest and although it was pouring on and off, we enjoyed ourselves and stayed active. We took Friedrich with us and his lovely mustard yellow color put a big smile on our faces.



Sweater and pants by GAP

Umbrella by Mary Sam’s